Bolted Tanks as a Solution to Storage Shortages of Different Industries

Tanks are containers used as a storage for liquid products as well as dry goods like sand and grains. This bulky tank normally stores water and even waste water. These contents are very helpful in different applications, such as residential, municipal, commercial, industrial and rural applications. The content is used as a water system, fire suppressant, cleaning or treatment of waste water.

This tank has a variety of sizes. It could either be as tall as a house or a building. Its dimension will actually depend on how huge you want it to be for your storage purposes. You may find these tanks at home, around your municipality, in the rural areas, in the factories and in other industries. This only shows that a tank is a necessity and a solution to storage problems among the said industries.

Most of the tanks used today are bolted tanks. Before it finally gets ready for storing, it will undergo manufacturing processes. And when the sections are ready to go, it will be shipped to the desired location. It sounds so easy, but only experts in this field can do such job. Of course, with the help of high-tech machineries, the construction time is lessened.

Assembling the Bolted Tank

When the disassembled sections are already shipped to the location, the construction will start. The site must be prepared for the installation of the tank. Of course, the land must be cleared and leveled. After this step, the sections or panels must be erected properly. It is done per layer. The contractors for this job will not erect the whole tank at once and it must start from the bottom.

The structure will be carefully bolted and joined. So, the sections must fit with gaskets, which would make the tank tough. It surely helps the structure’s durability and longevity. Every section is fastened subsequent to the end of installation.

There are bolted tanks that are constructed with doors, covers and valves. After that, the roof of the tank must be installed. This time, the tank is ready to use. No other preparation like painting the tank is needed because the sections are already coated during the manufacturing process. All you need to do is to bolt the sections.

Time desired to install a Bolted Tank

The installation must be very easy and fast due to the latest machineries and facilities available today. But, we can’t always say how much time it will take to finish the job. The time will always depend on how complex the work is, the size of the tanks and the number of bolted tanks that you need to install.

For some industries, they require more time during the installation because of too specific needs. But, the time was actually lessened because some specifications were already met during the processing of the sections and that is done under the manufacturer and the client’s agreement.

Before finally using the bolted tanks, of course, it will go under inspection. If it happens to have failures, then it would be easy for the contractors to unbolt the section and replace it. And then, it would be best to use new fasteners and gaskets for this section.

Durability of Bolted Tanks

By now, you are already aware that the sections of the tank were manufactured and processed under a factory setting. During the process, it was made sure that every section has met the required specifications because it was done under a very strict monitoring and quality control.

The sections are powder-coated to make it more durable. Through the coating, corrosion will be prevented. If you are going to compare bolted tanks with welded tanks, there is more consistency in bolted tanks. Without proper processing and coating, then it will be prone to damage. Therefore, saving time and money for its maintenance is a great advantage.

Bolted tanks are not simply processed and manufactured. High quality materials must be used. And then, if the manufacturers can meet and comply with the standards of the AWWA, FM Global, API and NFPA, then the resulting product will surely be durable. Again, if you are going to compare the life span of bolted tanks with welded tanks and concrete tanks, then bolted tanks will surely have a longer lifespan. To know more information, it would be great for you to read more about tanks.