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Why You Should Drink Alkaline Ionized Water Water is has been said to be life. Water has so many merits that are being discovered every day. Water has some health benefits to our bodies that are so simple yet potent. One of the products of technology is the machine that alkalizes and ionizes water. You are not the only one who is wondering what the big deal is with alkaline ionized water and what is wrong with good ol’ tap water? You will be amazed at the benefits that await you should you decide to embrace alkaline ionized tap water. Alkaline ionized water is a relatively new product in the market. A few people believed that water could be made to give more benefits than the common once we know led to the ionization and alkalization of water. The human body is quite acidic due to the foods that we consume, but when we drink alkaline ionized water we stand to benefit our bodies a lot. Tap and bottle water sometimes contains contamination from heavy metal and pharmaceutical compounds not forgetting acidic chemicals like chlorine am fluorine. When water is ionized the toxic compounds are removed making the water safer than even bottled water. One of the most beneficial uses of alkaline ionized water is in the balancing of the pH of the blood. The foods that we consume actually lower the pH making the blood more acidic which is the cause of so many diseases. When you alkaline ionized water, it raises the pH of your already acidic blood to an optimum pH of 7.4. With the neutralization of the acidity of the blood you can rest assured that the diseases that plague those with acidic blood are not a threat to you.
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When water is alkalized and ionized it becomes so quickly absorbed by the epithelial cells. Water in itself is very absorbable how much more absorbable will it be when it becomes ionized. When a liquid is ionized; it easily moves across the gut lining. This means that the water can get into the cell fast enough to begin its healing work.
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There have been claims that this miracle compound is instrumental in the control of weight. There seems to be a direct relation between this water and the loss of weight. Seeing that drinking alkaline ionized water frees the body from acidic toxins that are found in water, the fat cells that hold fat to trap acidic toxins so as to protect the body from these toxins, will then release the fat leading to loss of weight. You will be amazed at the antioxidant properties of alkaline ionized water. This miracle water fights any antioxidant in the body. With free radicals in the body, the dangers they pose cannot be undermined. The negative charge of the hydrogen molecules in the water counteract the action of free radicals. This water is beneficial therefore you have no reason for not enjoying it.