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If there is one thing about land surveys that you have to know of, that would be the fact that they existed way back to the time when people started realizing the importance of holding their own land. There were lots of land surveying tools created and used for the purpose of measuring the land of the owners so that they will know how big or how small they land is and also, for them to know the boundary of their property. But then again, these land surveying tools went out of fashion for quite some time until they came back again during the middle age. If you are wondering why these tools were once again given the chance of being used, well, that is due to the fact that people in the Middle Age became interested in holding land once again and also, they want to know how much they want plus, the fact that they want to ensure no one was on land that was owned by them.

If you are going to compare the land surveying tools and equipments used in the past with what we have now, you will see how they are very similar with each other, with the only difference being that the present equipments are touched with the latest technology. In this present day and time that we live in, with technology being in the middle of its heyday, every single equipments used for land surveys undergo drastic changes, and certainly, the computer is the one transforming this particular industry.

Now, that we have been mentioning about land surveying equipments being used then and now, we will now introduce some of them to you, beginning with what call as theodolite, one of the most popular and commonly used tool for land surveys. Even as recent as ten years ago, the theodolite, regardless of the fact that they were more technologically advanced, were still being used for the purpose of conducting a wide variety of surveys. Today, there are quite a number of improvements made for theodolites to make it more advanced and more functional that it was before and speaking of improvements, one of the greatest that it has is how it turned into an electronic equipment. Theodolite, with the improvements happening to it, has taken a new name which is electronic measurement device (EDM) or total stations.

Another land surveying equipment that brought the industry into the age of computers is the GPS surveying. Talking about GPS, one thing that you should know about it is that it actually pertains to an acronym which means Global Positioning System and is using satellite technology to do land surveying or land measurements.

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